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I do visual effects work consisting of 2D motion & graphics as well as photoreal video composites.
What I Do

Visual effects artist mostly working on ATL & BTL commercials as well as on many animated projects for both high end product announcements and updates.

For the most part I use After Effects, Premiere and Illustrator, with my education in photography & Photoshop: light, colour and compostion.

As a experienced generalist I will tackle most aspects of post production whether it be 2D motion graphics, titles, 2.5D visual effects or 3D compositing.

Development of Ideas
End-viewer / customer understanding
  • After_Effects
    After Effects
  • Premiere
  • Cinema 4D
  • Bridge
Personal Attributes
Love what I do
Tweaking things has always been a passion of mine and I know you can make many ideas visually possible.
Enjoy idea generating
Getting things to final delivery is tough, but for me, the journey of discovery to get there is fun
Working to the finest detail
Ensuring that even the smallest details are taken care of means nothing gets lost in translation
Deliver the best
Wanting to be the best and do the best work means getting the best work out possible
Finding the solution
Every problem has a solution, figuring it out is half of the fun
Communication is key
Maintaining great communication is vital to getting the right product in your hands
Industry Experience

Starting at Conde-Nast working as a retoucher for magazines, I moved to Tangerine Films, a film specialist, to work on many above and below the line media pieces with many people and different product categories, now with six years of industry experience.

I understand the different processes and requirements all people may have; I am fully versed in user experience and developing ideas so I'm always trying to help out the team I'm working with or showcase the product to the best of my ability.

Previous Clients

These are a few clients I have had the pleasure working with so far in the industry.

If there is something you think I can do for you, let's talk!
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