From Visuals to Vibes:
Unleashing Creativity Through Music

Music is not only my passion but also my way of expressing myself. As a DJ with a bit of experience, I find joy in the art of mixing and creating immersive musical journeys.

Using a four-channel deck, I specialize in the dynamic and energetic genre of drum and bass. This genre resonates with me on a deep level, challenging me and allowing me to get lost in the moment. When I DJ, it becomes a true focus on the present, with each mix being a free-flowing and unscripted expression of my emotions in that moment.

While I don't record often, I occasionally dabble in capturing my mixes to share with others, embracing the rawness and imperfections that come with live performances. Please forgive any mistakes, and kindly note these mixes are not for the faint-hearted... I hope you enjoy!