As a storytelling enthusiast and motion graphic designer, I was honoured to play a role in the #VeryGayRaptor campaign for Ford Motor Company.

The project allowed me to showcase both my technical skills and passion for creating engaging stories. Working with Premiere's wide range of tools and features, I brought the story to life, captivating the target audience and conveying the important message of the campaign. Complimentary, I utilized my skills in After Effects to create dynamic and engaging graphics that complemented the storyline and added to the overall impact of the project.

The campaign's success was a true team effort, and I was thrilled to see it recognized with a Gold Lion for Media at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2022. The project's impact has only strengthened Ford's partnership with Driving Pride, a cross-industry anti-discrimination program dedicated to promoting equality and inclusivity in the industry.

I am incredibly proud of the work I did on this project, and I believe it showcases my abilities as a motion graphic designer and storyteller. I am eager to bring my technical proficiency and creative storytelling skills to future projects, and as shown here, I am confident in my ability to deliver results that will make a positive impact.